Solving Problems That Matter

InterKnowlogy is an enterprise software development company that helps the world’s leading companies solve problems that matter through technology and innovation.

Using emerging technologies in response to COVID-19

Leveraging IoT, AI, Machine Learning and Data Visualization to help in detection, testing, and vaccination during the coronavirus pandemic.


Enabling real-time analytics and data visualization for elections

Helping media and political parties collect, aggregate and visualize data in meaningful ways to augment decision-making, inform the public, and cover elections in near-real time.

Scaling Enterprise IoT Platforms with Azure IoT

//IK has helped clients modernize and scale legacy IoT systems through modular approaches that reduce cost of ownership, increase intelligence on the edge, and make deployment faster with Microsoft Azure IoT.

About InterKnowlogy

InterKnowlogy is a custom software development company that has been delivering enterprise software for over 20 years. We partner with the world’s leading organizations to solve problems that matter to them and their customers. From understanding real-time data to medical solutions that save lives, we leverage innovation and emerging technologies to solve problems that others can’t.


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Featured Projects

CNN Magic Wall

Visualizing complex election data in a meaningful way for millions of primetime viewers​.

CNN came to //IK to create an enterprise-grade election and data analytics platform that could survive the demands of being on air 24/7.


Mandarin Oriental Digital App

Mandarin Oriental

Replacing paper and phone with an integrated digital experience.

When Mandarin Oriental wanted to provide a digital experience to their guests, they turned to InterKnowlogy.


InterKnowlogy in the news

The Enterprise Guide to Edge Computing in IoT

Learn more about how edge computing is driving innovation and scalability in IoT. This whitepaper was created for enterprise organizations that want to deploy new IoT systems or modernize legacy systems.


The End of Touchscreens As We Know Them

InterKnowlogy Chairman & Founder Tim Huckaby gives his technology prediction for 2021: because of COVID-19 we have reached the end of the era of touching screens as we know them.


Embracing The Life-Saving Potential of AI

Working with Mellissa Mulholland of Microsoft, //IK built an application that uses computer vision to identify a rare, but lethal syndrome, Pulmonary Urethral Valve Syndrome (PUV) in ultrasound images.


Using AI for COVID-19 Chest X-ray Diagnosis

InterKnowlogy partners with Veteran Affairs to explore the use of AI and machine learning for diagnosing COVID-19 from chest X-Rays.