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//IK has built and delivered interactive data visualization solutions that are powering mission-critical decision making in healthcare, media, civic service and more. Most recently, we’ve been leveraging data visualization to help public and private sector entities respond to COVID-19.



For over two decades, InterKnowlogy has been helping enterprise organizations extract meaning from big data, identify trends, and make better decisions.

CNN Magic Wall

Created by InterKnowlogy, the Magic Wall is a complex solution that relies on live data feeds from hundreds of services, aggregates that information, and then visualizes it. Allowing for seamless transitions from national data down to individual counties, the platform tracks results across the Nation and allows John King to explore scenarios to keep his audience informed and engaged.

IoT & Data Visualization for COVID-19 Testing and Analysis

COVID-19 drastically increased the need for testing and diagnostic equipment across the globe. //IK was brought on board by a diagnostics manufacturer to help streamline the deployment of tens of thousands of instruments and manage the infrastructure and visualization needs of large sets of results. The resulting custom IoT cloud platform allowed for detailed reporting and analytics to glean insights from collected test results, enabling the use of data to identify hotspots.

Visualizing progress and forecasts for nationwide COVID-19 vaccinations

InterKnowlogy brought its wealth of expertise in data visualization to help a government entity monitor its COVID-19 vaccination efforts with live data. Multiple inputs were mapped to the country’s regions to help plan for registration drives and vaccination ramp ups. Additionally, IK developed a similar mapping tool to visualize forecasts – helping decision-makers to better understand the impact of changes in key metrics such as a reduction in vaccine supplies from a particular vendor or increasing the number of vaccinations per month at a particular facility.

North American Commercial Real Estate Advisor

With physical showings no longer an option during the pandemic, the client turned to InterKnowlogy to help transform the way it shows properties to its commercial real estate clients. The client needed the ability to demonstrate complex data on maps, including layers of data and 3D buildings.

Problems We Solve

Processing Large Data Sets

We help our clients manage, visualize and present data in a meaningful way. We integrate across all existing data sources to provide a single, unified solution.

Surfacing Actionable Insights

Our data visualization experts work with your team to better understand your industry, function, and data as a whole. We then create platforms that allow you to define, identify and analyze important trends that drive smarter decisions.

Building For Growth

Our enterprise-grade solutions are designed to scale as your data and analytics needs evolve. We help clients solve problems today and prepare for tomorrow.

Enabling Flexibility & Usability

Off-the-shelf solutions are limited to predefined features and functionality. InterKnowlogy’s data visualization solutions are custom-built for each client, allowing for the flexibility and customization you need. Each solution is custom built to focus on the metrics that matter most to a stakeholder.

Data Visualization Services

Our data visualization experts help organizations go beyond dashboards with enterprise-ready solutions, customized to their needs and powerful enough to help them make decisions that solve important problems. Our data visualization services include:

Data Platform Development

IoT Data Visualization

2D & 3D Area & Map Visualization

Data Visualization Optimization

Temporal & Statistical Data Visualization

Network Data Visualization

Data Visualization Tools & Technology

As a data visualization firm that has been delivering custom solutions for over 20 years, we have experience with a broad range of technologies. We’re tech agnostic, working with the technology stack that is best for the particular needs of each data visualization project. Our proprietary data visualization technology helps us build custom, interactive data visualizations that are more engaging and tailored to your data sets to enable faster and more effective decision-making.

Use data visualization to solve problems and make better decisions

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