Making Technologies More Accessible

InterKnowlogy has been pioneering the custom enterprise software development space for more than 20 years. //IK has helped organizations identify strategic problems and solve for them through end-to-end product design and agile implementation. No two engagements are alike and with our suite of offerings, we’re able to customize our services to meet client needs.

What Are We Known For?

InterKnowlogy is language agnostic, focusing on delivering a wide array of Data Visualization, AI, IoT, Computer Vision, and mobile solutions leveraging a range of established and emerging technologies. Our team has a breadth and depth of knowledge that gives us the ability to tackle complex problems and drive results using the latest technologies.

Immersive Data Visualization

When Tableau & Power BI can’t cut it, we build it like we did for John King’s CNN Magic Wall


Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning

Computer vision and AI with demographic, facial and object recognition, all running on edge ML.

Enterprise IoT

Scale to millions of sensors, bi-directional intelligent control with streaming data.

Microsoft Azure

As a Microsoft Gold Partner, we’ve delivered bleeding-edge solutions on Azure across IoT, Machine Learning and more.

Web, Mobile & Cloud

iOS & Android, Angular and react – scalable solution that solve problems, always engineered for the cloud.

How Do We Do It?


Discovery is an iterative and collaborative process to define business needs and product strategy. Often, clients have a very well defined and specific problem that they’d like to solve. In such cases, we help develop a product roadmap balancing features and budget. On other occasions, when decision makers are unsure of which direction to take, we begin with a thorough strategy engagement. In either case, we end up with concept designs, user journeys, and wireframes that lay the foundations for development.


Written requirements are outdated. We use pixels to define your solution’s looks and behaviors. From initial concepting to polished product, we employ design thinking to create software that puts your users at the center.

Agile Development

With over two decades of experience developing custom enterprise software solutions, engineering is in our DNA. Through short sprints, automation, and teams that have done this hundreds of times before, we strategically develop and test products to execute planned releases. We embed ourselves within a client’s existing processes and teams to deliver as efficiently as possible.

Support & Evolve

There’s a reason most of our business is repeat business. InterKnowlogy partners with organizations to manage the entire product lifecycle, beyond initial launch. We provide ongoing digital management support, issues management and new systems and device optimization. Additionally, we continue to help evolve our products to address new requirements as they arise.

Partner With Us

Work with InterKnowlogy to bring your vision to life and solve problems that matter.