XenoHolographic – A joint venture between InterKnowlogy and Imagination Park

By Rodney Guzman, CEO/Co-Founder/Owner at InterKnowlogy

XenoRoom - XenoHolographic

InterKnowlogy is excited to announce our joint venture with Imagination Park called XenoHolographic. XenoHolographic is a product company focused on augmented and mixed reality, and everything to do with holographics. Why are we doing this? We have spent the past years focused on holographics. It is still an emerging market with an amazing upside, but there are big pieces missing that make it a challenging space. XenoHolographic will offer products and services that fill in some of these missing pieces.

XenoRoom is a product that will enables companies and advertisers to quickly deploy holographic experiences. Without XenoRoom, this is an expensive proposition that requires custom software and content to be created and deployed. With XenoRoom, it is only about the content. In our cloud content management system, your 3D objects are uploaded then automatically deployed. Advertisers can have an “overnight” augmented reality experience stood up. Companies can quickly bring a mixed reality experience to their events to demonstrate how amazing their products are. The only limit is your imagination for your 3D content.

Mixed reality is not just about seeing an augmented world, it is also about interacting with it. But that is a challenge. Not all holographic headsets enable interactions with the digital world. Additionally, each headset that does support it has its own interactions. For example, you might be an iPhone user but you could pick up an Android device and be quite effective. You know how to tap and flick and swipe and each phone reacts in a similar fashion. That is not same between holographic glasses because not generally accepted standards (like on your phone) have been established. This is where XenoSIdekick intends on closing this gap. XenoSidekick is a toolkit that will enable consistent user interactions for augmented and mixed reality headsets for developers.

Eventually we see a world where holographic glasses are the norm and experiences will be everywhere you look. This includes how companies engage with consumers through advertisement. This will be the goal for XenoAds – to manage where and when ads will be delivered in holographic space. Companies with prime real estate will be able to provision virtual billboards around their brand and deliver the right advertisement to the right person at the right time. Today on the web, there is a lot known about you. Where an ad is delivered to you on what web page is a science. XenoAds will bring that to augmented reality.

In addition to these amazing products, XenoHolographic will be able to take on novel holographic experiences through their partnership with InterKnowlogy. For unique 3D content, XenoHolographic will be able to create virtually anything through their partnership with Imagination Park. Through products, services, and content, XenoHolographic provides robust capabilities able to tackle an augmented and mixed reality experiences. For more information, contact us at info@xenoholographic.com.



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