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Machine Learning and Healthcare

By Blake Sorrel, Director of Business Development

InterKnowlogy (IK) is proud to have been featured for our innovative work in healthcare, Azure, and Microsoft Cognitive Services at the 2017 Microsoft Inspire Conference Keynote.

Posterior Urethral Valve Disorder (PUV) is a very difficult disorder to diagnose. It’s a condition that affects 1 in 8000 boys and has less than a 2% survival rate if not addressed in time. When Tim Huckaby (Co-Founder of InterKnowlogy) heard the personal story described in the video, he and the IK team got to work.

With some experimenting IK was able to create a solution that combined Azure Computer Vision with Machine Learning that yielded a consistently accurate diagnosis, in near real-time. IK was able to leverage inexpensive hardware, which is readily available, and could be easily be obtained by doctors and healthcare professionals everywhere.

This technology easily improves upon the accuracy and speed of mainstream technologies like X-ray, MRI, and ultrasound while also significantly reducing cost. The portability of this Azure technology can also assist large rural populations that depend on remote centers, which often do not have in-house expertise.

IK has a long history of using technology to build innovative solutions across industries, including many in healthcare, science, and pharma. Building great software for our customers is what we love to do. Building software that actually has the ability to save lives brings us even greater satisfaction. This is a great example of InterKnowlogy engineers doing work they cannot help but be proud of.

Please check out the video and let us know if we can help you build great software.

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