Hololens Mixed Reality Showroom

Mixed Reality Showroom

Elevating your products with 3D interactive signage and mixed reality

A lot of dollars are spent on making showroom floors appeal to consumers.  But there are only so many lights you can hang, so many screens you can mount, and only so much you can shine your product.  We have a better way using mixed reality.  We have created a showroom app that allows you to take your 3D assets and place them in an environment.  Want to demonstrate all the safety systems of a vehicle?  Put on a Hololens with our MR Showroom and see all the cool things your car can do that you can’t normally see with the naked eye.  We built a cloud-based content management system for your 3D assets that are automatically downloaded to Hololens and rendered dynamically.  You can even preset all your objects in one environment and re-use your setup in another.