Software Engineer

LOCATION / Carlsbad, CA
We are always looking for great Software Engineers to grow our development team. Our Software Engineers are the lifeblood of InterKnowlogy. They love working together to solve problems with technology. We do not hire Software Engineers for specific projects. We are looking to grow by finding people who are team players and have the technical chops to hang with our InterKnowlogists. We don’t expect someone to walk through the door knowing everything (those people must be very bored). We need people to have the passion and ability to constantly learn.


-5+ years of software development experienceMastery of .NET language, and at least familiarity with a XAML based framework (WPF, WinRT, UWP).

-Knowledge of at least a couple Microsoft “server technologies” such as ASP.NET MVC, ASP.NET Core, Azure web sites, Functions, Storage, etc.

-Knowledge of mobile (iOS, Android, Xamarin) or web technologies & frameworks (HTML5, JavaScript, TypeScript, Angular, Node.js, etc)

-Consultative skills

-Desire to constantly learn and be challenged


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