InterKnowlogy and Avaelgo Announce Strategic Partnership
The alliance derived naturally, given the proven synergy and excellent business relationship between the two companies throughout the years.
XenoHolographic – Where AR and AI Collide By Rodney Guzman, CEO/Co-Founder/Owner at InterKnowlogy & CTO at XenoHolographic It is an interesting moment in time for augmented reality (AR) experiences. Although it still new to most people, and many are experiencing the wonder of it for the first time, there is a danger that AR will be publically perceived as a fad.
AR in the Classroom
Virtual and Augmented Reality in the Classroom By Rodney Guzman, CEO/Co-Founder/Owner at InterKnowlogy Last week I was asked to participate in a Sally Ride Science STEAM Series discussion about the state of virtual and augmented reality in the classroom.  Creating new ways to learn with VR and AR is interesting to ponder, especially with the recent Apple announcements with their new
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The potential and bold promise of AR has gotten a lot of folks excited. With the constant barrage of press coverage and press releases, it can be confusing to understand where AR is today and where it is going. As a new company focused on the software tools needed to exploit AR experiences, we are constantly asked to interpret the
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Most of our business is repeat business. Our customers come back to us again and again, not because of our rugged good looks, nor our super smart engineers (although they would argue that point). Our customers love us because we do what we say, which is deliver on time and on budget. How can we hope to achieve this when
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Over the past few years, we have earned more than 50% of our revenue from building custom data visualization solutions. A fair question is why would anyone spend the money to do this? There are so many great off-the-shelf data visualization products out there that is seems a little silly to “re-invent the wheel”. Sometimes we can. However, there are
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InterKnowlogy (IK) is proud to have been featured for our innovative work in healthcare, Azure, and Microsoft Cognitive Services at the 2017 Microsoft Inspire Conference Keynote.
InterKnowlogy is excited to announce our joint venture with Imagination Park called XenoHolographic. XenoHolographic is a product company focused on augmented and mixed reality, and everything to do with holographics.