North American Commercial Real Estate Advisor

The client is a North American Commercial Real Estate Advisor  headquartered in Toronto, Canada. The firm comprises over 5,000 real estate professionals in more than 100 offices around the world. With physical showings no longer an option during the pandemic, this client turned to IK to help transform the way it shows properties to its commercial real estate clients.

Client Challenges

The client needed the ability to navigate complex layers of data on a map, including 3D representations of actual properties. The solution needed to help the client:

  • Transform the way it shows properties to its commercial real estate clients 
  • Emulate “being there” by creating an immersive experience for their customers
  • Help drive commercial real estate sales in a completely nascent digital sales environment 


//IK Solution

Harnessing the proprietary information already being collected by the client, an Azure-powered Angular app integrating Mapbox and 3rd party information was created by //IK.

Zooming into the map dynamically switches to 3D building visualizations rendered on the map, fully textured to show customers what the buildings look like in person — no physical showing needed.

Design & Discovery

Starting from scratch, we worked with the client to understand end user needs, define personas and user journeys. Coupled with an intuitive interface to toggle data filters and intelligent rendering depending on the zoom level we helped create a one of a kind user experience that met client needs.


With a variety of data types to display, the client needed a seamless navigation experience to replace in-person viewings. Using Mapbox as a base, IK was able to add detailed 3D renderings and multiple layers of data, all wrapped neatly in Angular for a comprehensive platform.


The Results

The solution allows the client to provide immersive experiences where its commercial real estate clients can search locations, dive into properties in 3D, and view all relevant information as they continue property tours — no physical showing needed. Collaborating with the client allowed us to build an end product packed with features that included:

  • 2D and 3D maps  (including renderings of properties)
  • Advanced search and filter options such as locations, floors, commute, square footage, custom boundaries, neighborhood, and more 
  • Augmented reality experience that overlays and presents relevant property information and data visualizations to contextualize properties 


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