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CNN Magic Wall

CNN Magic Wall

Visualizing complex election data in a meaningful way for millions of primetime viewers​.

CNN is a global leader in news and heavily relies on information and technology for key differentiators. Election Night is when they’re running full throttle and they need a solution to handle a nation’s thirst for information. InterKnowlogy was approached to address this primetime problem. John King working tirelessly on the CNN Magic Wall for hours on end has become an Election Night staple for viewers over the years. Created by InterKnowlogy, the Magic Wall is a complex solution that relies on live data feeds from hundreds of services, aggregates that information, and then visualizes it. Allowing for seamless transitions from national data down to individual counties, the platform tracks results across the Nation and allows John King to explore scenarios to keep his audience informed and engaged. Today, the CNN Magic Wall, along with its host John King, are the Gold Standard for US elections reporting


US Department of Veteran Affairs  – COVID-19 Detection through AI

Enabling researchers to detect COVID-19 from chest X-Rays with AI & Computer Vision technology​.

Medical researchers at the James A. Haley Veteran’s Hospital were exploring solutions to improve diagnostic detection of COVID-19. We explored the potential and delivered a solution using Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to improve diagnostic capabilities. Leveraging Microsoft Azure Cognitive Services, the project demonstrates the potential of using AI in the diagnoses of COVID-19 and similar future health crises.


Mandarin Oriental – Digitizing the Guest Experience

Removing friction from the guest experience by taking hotel offerings into the digital realm.

As a premium hotel, the Mandarin Oriental leaves no stone unturned. Offering a wide range of in-hotel services, including a dinner menu that changes daily, the hotel strives to offer it’s guests nothing short of exceptional services. We came onboard to help them take things one step further – to provide guests with a unified digital experience that ensured they never had to pick up the in-room phone for a hotel service again. Instead of checking off the items from a paper menu and calling the order in, a guest could make a few taps and complete their order in less than 30 seconds.  Change the language on the tablet?  IoT integration automatically changed the TV, thermostat, and phone in the room to the same language.  Everything a guest could possibly need was just a couple of taps away.

Taking commercial real estate virtual in the face of COVID-19

With physical showings no longer an option during the pandemic, a North American Commercial Real Estate Advisor needed to transform the way it shows properties to its clients. We needed to visualize multiple layers of data and enabled dynamic transitions from 2D map views to 3D models of buildings on those maps. Harnessing the proprietary information already being collected by the client, an Azure-powered Angular app integrating Mapbox and 3rd party information was created by //IK. Zooming into the map dynamically switches to 3D building visualizations rendered on the map, fully textured to show customers what the buildings look like in person. 


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