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Democratic National Convention Committee 2012 & 2016

By Rodney Guzman, CEO/CDO/Co-Founder/Owner

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Back in 2012 the Democratic National Convention Committee (DNCC) wanted to digitize their paper-based process of capturing the ballot voting results. InterKnowlogy was there to provide the tech solution they needed. On a short timeline, we used our natural user interface (NUI) app development process to deliver a robust voting app. Designed for tablets and touch, the Windows 8 app was a fresh new app based on the Microsoft UI style. The intuitive experience we created allowed delegates to still vote on ballots like they were accustomed to—it just wasn’t on paper anymore. The apps also fed data to the Jumbotron screen, quickly updating which states have submitted results and how many are left.

That reporting solution was the start of many other app experiences we’ve created in the election and campaign space of civic tech. In 2014 we worked with CNN to build the CNN Magic Wall that anchor John King uses on Inside Politics to analyze live election results. We also delivered a CNN Magic Wall Online web app so people at home could have an experience similar to John King using the Magic Wall on air. We have continued to work with CNN to deliver more functionality, including the new features around tracking the delegates during the recent presidential primaries. In February of 2016, we delivered the Iowa Caucuses reporting solution. This solution provided a secure end-to-end experience for each party, from reporting the results of the caucuses from each precinct to validating the results at party headquarters to displaying the approved results to the public. And now InterKnowlogy is at it again for the DNCC in 2016 with an updated version of the ballot reporting app.

The updated app has a slew of new features including enabling real-time viewing of delegate voting by state on the convention floor. All of this has been made possible through our strong partnership with Microsoft. We will see some of you in Philadelphia at the convention next in a couple weeks!


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