Fueling The COVID-19 Response Through Technology

InterKnowlogy is on the forefront of the fight against COVID-19. We’re partnering with global organizations to leverage IoT, AI, Machine Learning, and Data Visualization for COVID-19 detection, testing, monitoring and vaccination.

Using Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to improve detection & diagnosis of COVID-19

Working with researchers at Veteran Affairs, //IK implemented AI & computer vision to diagnose COVID-19 on chest X-Rays.

Leveraging Microsoft Azure Cognitive Services, the project highlights the potential of using artificial intelligence to solve real world problems, including similar future health crises.

The work //IK did has been published in medical journals and can be reviewed here.

Deploying IoT services to ramp up testing and monitoring for COVID-19 hotspots

COVID-19 drastically increased the need for testing and diagnostic equipment across the globe. //IK was brought on board by a diagnostics manufacturer to help streamline the deployment of tens of thousands of instruments and manage the infrastructure and visualization needs of large sets of results. The resulting custom IoT cloud platform allowed for detailed reporting and analytics to glean insights from collected test results, enabling the use of data to identify hotspots.

Centralized analytics are powered by Cosmos and Elasticsearch, with an Angular web app for data visualization.

Visualizing both progress and forecasts for nationwide COVID-19 vaccinations

Vaccination rollouts have a lot of moving parts which all need to be tracked including registration, vaccinated residents, and supply vaccines. IK brought its wealth of expertise in visualization, gained in projects like the CNN Magic Wall, to help a government entity monitor its efforts with live data.

Multiple inputs were mapped to the country’s regions to help plan for registration drives and vaccination ramp ups. Additionally, IK developed a similar mapping tool to visualize forecasts – helping decision-makers to better understand the impact of changes in key metrics such as a reduction in vaccine supplies from a particular vendor or increasing the number of vaccinations per month at a particular facility.

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