Tim Huckaby - Machine Learning
InterKnowlogy (IK) is proud to have been featured for our innovative work in healthcare, Azure, and Microsoft Cognitive Services at the 2017 Microsoft Inspire Conference Keynote.
InterKnowlogy is excited to announce our joint venture with Imagination Park called XenoHolographic. XenoHolographic is a product company focused on augmented and mixed reality, and everything to do with holographics.
mixed reality
There is a lot of chatter about the future and promise of mixed reality. Devices like Hololens are in their infancy but still demonstrate the art of the possible. Are devices like these ready for primetime? When someone puts on a Hololens for the first time, after the initial awe and wonder passes, they usually start paying attention to only how heavy and uncomfortable the device is, how limited the field of view is, and how restrictive the interactions to drive experiences are.
Machine Learning
Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning are in the news all the time. But what do you think of when you hear those buzzwords? Maybe you eagerly anticipate the relaxation and safety of self-driving cars, the power of a smart automated personal assistant, or the pleasures of a Westworld amusement park.
Augmented VS Reality
Many companies that come to us for guidance are striving to build an AR or VR solution, but there is a lot of confusion. We are often asked to create an AR solution when VR makes more sense and vice versa. What should you use when? When you boil it down, they each have their own strengths. The type of solution you want to create will dictate whether AR or VR makes sense.
IoT Main
If you already have expertise with these cloud platforms, then building a complete IoT system can be done in a couple of months. To help guide our customers through this process, there are a short list of considerations we typically focus on to get started
Hololens Car Display Demo
With so many radar blips of new tech constantly barraging us, it can be difficult to choose what ones warrant your attention. Some time ago, when augmented reality emerged onto our radar via Hololens, we became quick believers.
Hololens Car Display Demo
A sweet spot for Hololens is taking a physical object and making it look more awesome with virtual content. This aligns perfectly to showroom events where you are rolling out new product and you want to impress how amazing it is.